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Redgum Walers is a proud supporter of the Waler Horse Society of Australia Inc. (WHSA). All Redgum Walers breeding stock are registered with the WHSA and progeny are Foal Recorded prior to sale.

"The aim of the WHSA is to promote the breeding and preservation of the Australian Waler horse breed for the Australian community.  By defining the Waler horse in a Standard of Excellence, an ideal is set for breeding programs involving the old bloodlines of the Australian remount horses.  The Studbook and Horse Register, set up and maintained by the WHSA, establishes the Australian Waler horse as a breed as distinct from a type.  The WHSA builds awareness of, and provides information about, the Waler’s Heritage, their importance in Australian History and their potential for future use."


EQUITANA'S Mitavite Waler Legacy Project was officially launched on Sunday 18th of November at EQUITANA in Melbourne and has been the result of over 12 months of planning and consultation by EQUITANA and Waler Horse Society of Australia representatives. The selection of six Central Australian bred horses took place last month during a trip to South Australia and was made possible through an existing supplier of horses from the region. These desert bred horses have been selected from a remote station in Central Australia and are believed to be part of remnant herds linked to the original horses bred for the Australian remount trade.
Upon selection, classification and registration, the six Waler horses have been distributed to six top trainers in dressage, showing, reining, trick riding, barrel racing and carriage driving. The "Waler Legacy Project" is a WORLD FIRST and aims not only to highlight the important role Waler horses have played in our Australian history but also to demonstrate the Walers legendary qualities of hardiness, stamina, frugality and good temperament.
I encourage you, as Waler enthusiasts to support the The Mitavite Waler Legacy Project to ensure the Waler horse is considered an important part of our equestrian community from the past, the present and into future.
Please continue to check back here for updates on the Waler horses and their progress towards EQUITANA 2013 in Sydney and
To get you started, here is a video introducing the breed & how the six horses where selected for Mitavite Waler Legacy Project.

Australian Equine Facilitated learning Pty Ltd (AEFL) has been established to promote awareness of and participation in interactions between horses and people in a way that is positive, fulfilling and safe for all parties involved.
It seeks to allow all participants – client, facilitator, horse, spectator, to experience the interaction in their own way and at their own level in a manner that each finds beneficial. AEFL will implement structures, guidelines, codes of practise and set out basic skills and safety levels to set standards for all involved in the practise of EFL.
Sharing with a client an insight into herd dynamics can allow them to learn that their behaviour will have a profound effect not just on the horses but on the people in their lives. The interaction between the horse and the client is carefully overseen in a manner designed to bring forth confidence and self-esteem.
The presence of a therapy horse seems to release previous perceptions that the client (and often their families or carers) may have of themselves and allow them the opportunity to experience a new way of “being”. Good facilitators allow clients (and the horses) the space to grow and expand into their potential and this is inspiring to all who experience it. page ref. and for more information please visit

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