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The proprietor of Redgum Walers, Elizabeth Jennings has been breeding, training and competing Waler performance horses since 1989. As a qualified Facilitator with Australian Equine Facilitated Learning Pty Ltd (AEFL) Elizabeth is very pleased to be able to offer access to these amazing intuitive horses to individuals through the development of Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL).

“What is EFL? Contemporary clinical research shows that close proximity to horses changes human brain wave patterns suggesting that humans can be transformed in a very positive way when in the presence of horses. Appropriate interaction with horses can therefore prove therapeutic to adults and children alike. Equine Facilitated Learning is an interaction between horses and people designed to promote experiential learning for all the participants.” (Ref.

Studies have shown the interaction between horses and people can play a positive role in emotional healing, coordination and mental development. Horses are extremely intuitive and act as a mirror to ourselves and therefore can under the right circumstances bring about many benefits including increased self-awareness, improved motor skills and positive behavioural change. Similarly, observing herd dynamics can help to identify how certain behaviours have a profound effect on others.

It might be considered that if "dogs are man's best friend" then "horses are man's partner". For centuries horse and human interaction has involved a variety of sport and recreational pursuits, as well as practical applications such as transport and agriculture.  Notably, horses have also been involved in warfare, not simply as a remount, ambulance or artillery harness horse, but as a true companion.  Waler horses ridden by the Australian Light Horse in the Boer War and WWI went with the soldiers through thick and thin, they shared their hardships, their triumphs and at times their rations. A Light Horseman's trusty remount knew their strengths, their fears and even their secrets, they were always there to listen, even when words could not be found. It is vitally important to Redgum Walers that these wonderful Australian horses are not forgotten, to ensure the Waler is not just remembered for what they have done, but for what they can do in today’s modern society.

Redgum Walers Equine Facilitated Learning Centre aims to maintain an important part of the Australian heritage whilst encourages the safe and positive interaction between horses and people. For more information please do not hesitate to contact Elizabeth who will be able to assist with the development of a program to suit your needs.

Some of our EFL programs include:-

Walers for Warriors: Originally this EFL program focus was on the young veteran. However EFL sessions with young people at risk continue to highlight the fact that battle scars and exit wounds are not just the physical and emotional markings of war against a foreign enemy.  Children are a gift, NOT a right and I pray that all those facing challenges today find their inner warrior and the strength to fight for a future they truly deserve.

Digger for a day: A Digger refers to the colloquial term for soldiers from Australia and New Zealand. ANZAC was their official name, however ‘Digger’ was what the soldiers preferred to call themselves. Military historians believe that it was the troops practicing trench digging on the Salisbury Plain as the origin of the term.  The Digger for a Day program involves working with military veterans, often those who have retired from the work force and those that would like to come out and get their hands dirty, spend time in the great outdoors and partner with one or many of our very special Waler horses.

Horses for Heroes: This program is designed to partner horses in need of a new home with humans in a position to provide one.  Most recently, with the help of a few good friends we were able to partner wonderful Standardbred gelding with an ex-veteran champing at the bit to get back into horse ownership.

Click here to read “Remember the Horses” by Maj Mary-Ann Martinek

Introducing some of our very special
Equine Facilitators



Nickname: Gunner Girl
Breed: Waler
Colour: Bay
Sex: Mare
DOB: est. 2009
Height: 14.3hh
Type: light
Career Highlight: Being chosen for the EQUITANA Mitavite Waler Legacy project and performing at EQUITANA Sydney 2013 with trainer David Simons - to find out more visit   
Gunner is an inquisitive and engaging young mare with a strength of character combined with the qualities of natural instincts developed during her time as a wild horse in Central Australia.

Redgum X'Caliba

Nickname: Cali
Breed: Waler
Colour: Chestnut
Sex: Gelding
DOB: 30/09/2009
Height: 16.3hh+
Career Highlight: Champion Waler, Royal Queensland Show 2012 & 2013
Cali is a gentle giant with his impressive powerful movement combined with a soft and responsive nature.

Talara Alpha Nefer Jewel

Nickname: Nefer
Breed: Waler
Colour: Black
Sex: Mare
DOB: 2002
Height: 14.2hh
Type: light
Career Highlight: All round super little mare.
Nefer is a stoic and fiercely loyal mare with a great affinity and patience with children.  



Nickname: Scrufiluficus  
Breed: Shetland
Colour: Black/white pinto
Sex: gelding
DOB: est. 2004
Height: 9hh
Scruffy is an adorable little fellow with wonderful manners and a willing nature. Scruffy is a very welcome new recruit to our Equine Facilitator team.   

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